Hello world, again!

It’s been 6 years since I opened this blog page. I don’t even remember my initial intention, I had another blog going on another portal at that time…

Six years had flown by… and here I am, back to square one, on the same naked branch of the tree of life, but this time, I am overwhelmingly inspired and determined (that’s the game changer!) 

I’ll blog about this 6 year hiatus later, maybe it will emerge between the lines in several posts. But for now, I’m thankful that I’ve found this blank canvas, and now on mobile, this way I can jot down any thoughts as they pop into my head that’s been a jolly pop corn party lately!


Today I was thinking about surrendering. Why do most of us, including myself interpret it as a powerless, against the will submission? And then, it hit me. 

I realized that the art of surrender is rather stopping the fight with my true nature. There’s a sound reason I’m the way l am and if I don’t see that reason, yet, I should accept my true nature and see what happens. 

This futile battle against my true nature is draining me of life energy, making me accept widely accepted norms that are contradicting to my true nature. No wonder why I am so tired and exhausted all the time…

Today, I decided to surrender. I can’t and I won’t fight it anymore. I’ve shed the shroud of my True Nature and now I clearly see it in all its shining colors and I like it!

A big welcome back embrace is a due!

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