How did I get here?

Here is there, but near, so close, you can clearly hear… it.

When famous and successful people write about how did they get here, everyone heeds. 

But what if my here is not all that fabulous? What if it’s a complete disaster? My health, wealth, relationships, my finances are just not there, not where I wanted them to be, not where I imagined them to be. 

But I’m here. Almost 40 years now. Still trying to figure out where the heck is my there.

Feels like that Talking Heads song: And you may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

What I have now it’s not what I dreamed about when I was young and ambitious… Then, I wanted to build a successful career, educate and lead by example, have and share my experiences, both professional and personal, to be in a vanguard of my field. I wanted to find my soulmate, imagining the sparks flying in all directions the moment our eyes meet! I wanted to be more then just another inhibitor of this planet, another philistine, I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, maybe even many lives.

What has happened to that dream?

Well, I grew up. Grew older to be exact. Very old. Too old and tired. But before, I let the life take over. I let my life fly hand off, on autopilot. One decision after another, I let it slip out of my grip. And what I have now is my aircraft is down, pieces scattered all over the mud of my existence. I’m broken. I’m broke.

Is it too late to start over, pick up the pieces and recreate? Where do I start?

The answer is clear: start here!
[ To be continued ]

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