Mr. Mircea

1 · A person develops naturally when they maintain a proper rhythm between the mind’s tendency to push and the heart’s tendency to enjoy.
2 · Western culture is almost entirely preoccupied with the mind’s ability to push, and is missing the opposite; knowing how to yield.
3 · When a Westerner encounters relaxation, he only knows how to approach it with his mind and make some concept of it to push around.
4 · For all his sophistication, he is a slave to his conceptual understanding of reality, which cannot lead him to a state beyond it.
5 · This produces suffering, as an integral part of the whole individual is missing, remaining undeveloped, in the dark.
6 · The westerner tries to run faster and faster hoping to reach it but in doing so he only distances himself further from it.
7 · Resistance and surrender are two ends the same spectrum; life’s pendulum that swings between the balance of opposites.
8 · The mind that can relax into the heart grows sharp and quick; the one that cannot grows tense and slow.
9 · The heart that pushes through the mind is confident and bright; the one that cannot remains uncertain and dull.
10 · By allowing ourselves to move through both sides of the spectrum, we gain the natural wisdom of humanity.
11 · When to push and when to relax, when to strive and when to enjoy. Above all, this is the repeated task and lesson in our life.
12 · A wide enough view of space & time, and perhaps all we see is this same fractal repeating. An eternal mystery. A daily delight.

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